Top Locations to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams

Finding the perfect location to have your wedding at can certainly be stressful if you don’t have helpful information to guide you. The following are some the top locations to have the wedding of your dreams, as they provide a one-of-a-kind experience that will last in the memory of everybody in attendance, for the rest of their lives.


Ibiza’s Beaches



If you are about to get married and prefer to do so in a serene setting, the beaches of Ibiza are your best bet. Organizing weddings by the sea is becoming much more common. An altar full of flowers, white chairs for all your guests, and the sound of the waves can bring a peaceful vibe that would cause joy to arise.


The ceremony of a wedding on the beach should be performed at sunset with the aim of having the wedding reception in the evening to avoid that the heat affects anybody in attendance. Having hanging lights, Chinese lamps, metal lamps in the form of stars, lanterns, or spheres with lights are highly recommended for a reception taking place on a beach.


For any type of decoration you should opt for bright, cheerful, and contrasting colors, no serious hues like brown, gray, silver, black, or gold. If you want a less eye-catching color, navy blue lends itself perfectly to a nautical-themed beach wedding.


Wedding flowers are characterized by being a basic element of any wedding. For a wedding on the beach, it is best to use those that are resistant to the warm weather, both in the centerpieces and in the bouquet of the bride.


Wedding under the Sea



There isn’t anything that might be more different and peculiar than getting married in the ocean. Yes, you can say ‘I do’ under the sea, immersed between the waters of your favorite coast. Accompanied by your witnesses, surely you and your other half would not forget this day for anything in the world. This setting is beginning to receive many more followers. A wedding among fish, and ocean plants means that you will need to learn a few signs and gestures in order to be able to say your ‘I do.’ (By the way, this is one of the most affordable wedding settings on the market right now.


Hot Air Balloon


Imagine flying over your favorite city or place! This setting presents itself out of the ordinary but also manages to attract the most curious. The capacity of this type of balloon usually does not exceed 10 people, so you must choose very well who you want to invite to enjoy this pleasant experience with you and your future spouse.


When it comes to decorations for this type of setting, you can opt to place white balloons and ribbons around the basket. The balloon itself can be of white hue if you’d like. Contrary to popular belief, this is quite an affordable setting to get married in.


Lake Como in Italy


This is a beautiful place in Italy that is surrounded by nature that will make the pure air intermingle with the nervousness and the illusion of this great day. In addition, both the beauty and the vividness of the landscapes in Lake Como can make your photo-shoot be one-of-a-kind. Couples who have gotten married in this setting often opt to not focus on decorations, as the setting itself is all the decoration that they need to have a lovely day.


Central Park in New York City


If you all cannot travel to Lake Como, what about New York City? This city is considered as one of the most cosmopolitan and chic places in the world. Central Park is the perfect spot to have a spectacular and impressive wedding. Tranquility and nature are two elements needed in order to have a simple and very personal wedding, and Central Park provides just that! This setting is the go-to option for those couples who are on a tight budget but want to say their ‘I do’s’ in a location that has history and thus is unforgettable.


Choosing the Ideal Location


The previously mentioned locations are currently the top destination that couples choose to get married at. Choosing any of them will guarantee you and your future spouse a memorable wedding day that will impress anybody who attends it, in every aspect. Decide which one best meets you and your partner’s needs and wants . . . and call it mission accomplished!

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