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Top 10 Reasons to Have a Holiday Wedding

Normally, when a couple gets engaged, people expect to get a wedding invitation in late spring for the newlyweds to celebrate their nuptials in the summer. However, this is not always the case because some people prefer having holiday weddings. The holiday season starts from around Thanksgiving until the start of a new year and it is quite busy with family and friends exchanging gifts, work parties, family gatherings etc. Here are top 10 reasons why you should consider having a holiday wedding:







Most people are free on a holiday


If you are planning to have a holiday wedding, you will have a guarantee that most of your friends and family members will be free and they will attend. Most people who have busy working schedules will have the holiday to themselves and you can be assured they will find time to attend your wedding.


It is easier to remember your anniversary


Getting married on a holiday makes it easy especially for men to remember their anniversary. You can easily forget a random date like December 5th but if it’s a holiday for instance January 1st, it becomes easy for you to remember because you can easily relate. This is important if you would like to have anniversary celebrations, surprise your loved one with a party or arrange for a vacation on your anniversary.


Your guests will be very happy


With all the holiday celebration spirit and decorations, your wedding will find everyone in a jovial mood thus making your wedding super fun. Celebrations create memories for both you and your partner as well as friends and family members who have attended your wedding. This is one of the reasons why your wedding will be unforgettable.


Avoiding wedding season


Most people wed from the beginning of spring to the end of summer and if you are planning a wedding when demand is high, you will end up spending more. If you plan your wedding on a holiday, you will have a wide range of options to choose from thus help you reduce the total cost. You just need to do a research about the florists, caterers, Deejays, wedding planners, bridal boutiques and bridal shops in your area to make the right choice. By having a holiday wedding, you will be able to skip high price tags because most wedding professionals will be available at an affordable cost. You can therefore, spend more on your wedding budget, have a longer honeymoon or have additional details in your wedding.


You will have endless wedding dress options


Choosing the right bridal wear is one of the challenging parts of planning a wedding especially during summer. However, if you are planning to have your wedding on a holiday, you will have plenty of dresses to choose from depending on the venue, your preference and estimated budget. You can either choose long sleeved, sleeveless or strapless bridal wear depending with the theme of your wedding and what you prefer wearing.



You have so many holidays to choose from


If you would like to have your wedding on a holiday, you have numerous holidays to choose from with each option being unique. If you would like to have a huge party after your wedding, New Year’s Eve is the ideal date while December 25 is ideal if you want to spend time with family and friends. Most family members and friends will be local and you can expect them to show up in your wedding. However, if you would like to express your love, Valentine’s Day is the right date to wed.


Seasonal charm


Around holiday seasons, most churches and venues are already decorated with seasonal flair and beautiful flowers. If you are going to have a wedding in either of the venues, you just need to take advantage of the seasonal decorations with a few additions to make it your own. This will not only spice up your wedding but also favour your budget because you will find most of the venues already decorated.



Perfect honeymoon destination


As already discussed, planning a wedding on a holiday will favor your budget due to availability and hence you can spend money saved on your honeymoon. You will have different honeymoon destinations to consider from Caribbean Islands to South Africa and Maldives. However, you should plan and book early to avoid missing out as other people might have similar ideas.


Your wedding will be unique


Almost everyone is convinced that planning on a holiday is not the best thing but you can be unique and avoid all the hassle associated with planning your wedding on a high season. If you would like to be unique, you need to be open-minded and do what other people are not doing. Nevertheless, make sure you have a professional wedding planner to help you throughout the planning process to make your wedding a success. In addition, don’t rush into a bridal shop to buy a wedding dress without even researching thoroughly because you might end up making the wrong choice. You can have a friend who have recently wedded, planning a wedding or is familiar with weddings to help you with advice, opinions and provide answers to your questions.

Most people will be staying local


Holiday seasons are meant for family and friends to be together in celebrations. When you have a holiday wedding, most of your friends will attend because they will not be working and probably within the locality celebrating the holiday with their friends and family.



It is evident that most people prefer having their weddings during spring or summer seasons but people are now having holiday weddings because they are quite unique and great. With good planning and the help of professionals, you can be guaranteed to have a successful wedding with good memories with your friends and family.


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