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—>The question we get asked most at our stores is, “Is there really a Carrie?  Yes! That’s me 🙂

I get asked a lot, “Did you always want to design gowns and have a store?”  I love this question!  And the answer is, not at all!  I actually have an IT degree (The University of Arizona, GO CATS!), and it wasn’t until I moved to Chicago on a whim that I fell into this magical industry.

I grew up in Atlanta, and my parents saved, saved, saved their money.  When my family traveled, we went to truck stops to refuel and eat and we stayed at Motel 6.  My parents were cheap!  My dad always took me to different types of auctions and I really learned the value of a dollar and that you didn’t have to spend a lot of money to get something amazing.  What a life lesson!

When I opened my Atlanta store in 2011, I had traveled the US visiting bridal stores as a sales rep, and I had already been the manager of a large store.  Being in and out of tons of stores, I knew that I wanted my store to be a stress-free zone, where my brides could come in, buy a stunning gown at a price that would blow them away, and leave with the gown same-day.  No need to order, no need to worry if it would fit when it came in, no rush fees.  We love hearing our brides say, “Wow! That was SO easy!”  We agree, it should be!

It was also super important to me to be realistic in the sizes I carried in the store.  Most stores in the US carry a very limited size range, like bridal size 6 and bridal size 12, which translates to regular size 2/4 and regular size 6/8!  WHOA!  It still shocks me the limited mindset of those stores, because the average size bride is a regular 10/12, bridal 14/16.  I wanted to make sure I had plenty of sizes for ALL brides, so there would be a safe space for everyone to shop.

Having our gowns under $1500 was the perfect fit for the Atlanta market, because most bridal stores start at $1500.  Designing gowns for my stores was an easy decision, and the best way to have a unique gown and the best price possible.

At my stores, our focus is YOU and your experience.  We love to celebrate each and every moment of your amazing journey to the alter!  Our brides are truly the best, and it is because of them, we are the #1 referred bridal stores in Atlanta, and proud Winner of “Best of Weddings” 10 years in a row by The Knot.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank each of our brides for making Carrie’s such a special place, and if you haven’t yet been in, we are ready to welcome you with open arms.  Book your bridal experience with us here.

xoxo, Carrie<!—


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