Spring Weddings Inspired by Amazing Dresses

With the changing times, no longer can we say that the biggest day of every little girl’s dreams is her wedding day. Now, instead of playing dress-up with mommy’s clothes and dreaming and planning every detail of her one special day, little girls are just as likely to dream of changing the world or becoming a star. However, there are still those pretty princesses, and rocker chicks, who dream of walking down the aisle toward her Prince Charming, surrounded by friends and family and wearing the perfect dress.

img-1-1For those ladies there is much work that goes into planning a wedding; such as guest lists, flower arrangements, locations and dining options, to name a few: but, what would you say is one of the most important aspects of a wedding? The day itself, of course. For a bride to have her perfect day, the perfect day is essential; and choosing the perfect time of year is essential to having the perfect day to rival any dreams. There are snow princesses who dream of a wintery background, wavy ladies who love the beach, and also earthy lovelies who love the muted tones of Autumn; but what says happily ever after than a wedding in the spring, welcoming a new marriage along with the coming of new life. Here are some wonderful spring wedding ideas inspired by some amazing wedding dresses.


Simplicity is Beauty


lace-weddings-dress-styleNothing says hope better than the beautiful pureness of new spring colors; and no dress says new spring color better than a blush lace gown by Carries Bridal Collection. This beautiful dress combines modesty and daring like no other with a deep v neckline that plunges to the waistline while still providing enough coverage for even the shyest bride to make it down the aisle. With a form fitting silhouette under a floor length, long sleeved floral lace design, the dress inspires an intimate gathering of the closest of family and friends.


A cozy, countryside chapel provides the perfect setting for this loving union as guests are seated on either side of the short aisle; with twenty to thirty guests looking on as the flower girl, her curls bouncing along to the rhythm of her delight, and the handsome, smartly dressed ring bearer precede a small wedding party of just four caring, supportive friends as they make their way down to stand on either side of the groom, dressed to match the ring bearer of course. Instead of the traditional wedding march, the bride is accompanied down the aisle by Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune as she takes in the beauty of the room for the first time; a room that has been designed with her in mind. She makes her way down a rose colored carpet, shades deeper than her dress and lined with the same vibrant pink rose petals adorning the altar made of woven white-washed vines where the love of her life is waiting with eyes for none but her. As she hands her bouquet of pale pink roses to her maid of honor, she turns to face her piece of forever, tears of happiness just shy of spilling down her powdered cheeks.


Waterfall Wonder

0fec9f8166ef64634a19eb867e082207There is no place better to hear the sounds of spring than deep in the forest, surrounded the chirping of birds and the rushing of rivers flooded by the melting snow; and what better dress to accent this natural wonder than a strapless gown with an asymmetric cutaway sunburst pleated skirt that looks like it was modeled after a rushing waterfall. With a hint of blue shading, the dress features a bodice with an artfully wrapped sweetheart neckline ending in a belted-look waist, while the skirt flows downward ending in a reminiscence of frothy, white water rapids.

A sunny, wildflower filled clearing surrounded by the lush, vibrant green of new spring growth draping the forest, set against the backdrop of a plunging waterfall, creates the perfect fantasy setting for a whimsical wedding. Sprouting from the center of the clearing stands a grand oak tree; chairs of birch wood create three half moon rings, each two chairs smaller than the last, creating a focal point drawing all eyes to the base of the tree where the groom awaits. A collarless, white button-down shirt open to the waist, cream colored, linen drawstring pants and bare feet add to the dreaminess of the man awaiting his fairy like bride. With a crown of blue forget-me-nots, the bride glides between the chairs, the feel of soft clover on the soles of her feet all but unnoticed as the sounds of nature carry her toward her love.


Weddings are magical occasions, the culmination of a blooming romance fostered among the love and support of friends and family marks a wonderful time in the lives of people of all ages. Whether you are the lucky groom seeing your beautiful bride in her dress for the first time or a blushing bride living the dream, the day of your wedding marks the first day of a new life shared with the one you love, and what better way to celebrate that love than with a spring wedding inspired by an amazing wedding dress.img-4

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